About me -

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Hello, a heartfelt welcome and thank you so much for taking the time to read this. I was born in Sydney, New South Wales and spent most of my childhood in Broome and later Perth, Western Australia. I graduated from university with a double major in Film and Television and Theatre, and a minor in Journalism. Following that, I became a qualified english and drama teacher and travelled for a short time teaching english as a second language. I then went on to complete a law degree in 2006 and have worked as a litigation lawyer ever since.

In 2014 I fell pregnant with my first child, Poppy, and my husband received a scholarship to study a Masters in Mining Law in Scotland. As I was due to go on maternity leave and he was due to take long service leave from his job, the timing couldn’t have been better. Alas, in early January 2015, when our daughter was just 9 weeks old, we shut up shop in Perth and moved to Scotland for the year.

I spent most of my time on maternity leave enjoying precious moments with Poppy and making new friends in a country where we knew not a soul to begin with. I documented our time in Scotland and extensive travel throughout Europe by regularly posting photographs to my social media accounts, principally for the purpose of keeping our friends and family updated.  I received enormously positive feedback and many people asked me to start a blog and/or share travel fashion tips. I therefore spent some time designing this website, which combines several of my creative passions, including a love of sharing funny stories (see ‘Comic Relief), travel and fashion. I also documented the journey of my mum, Moo, who sadly had to be moved into nursing care while we were away. In short, it’s a creative explosion of all things my life. I hope you enjoy and please please please feel free to provide some feedback on what you enjoy/don’t. I’d love to hear from you and if you’d like to work together please contact me at rachelmounsey@hotmail.com.

Photo credit: http://stefking.com.au