Yallingup, Quedjinup, Dunsborough, WA

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For the past 15 years, my husband and I have been retreating to his family holiday home on 5 acres of bush in Quedjinup, Yallingup. It’s the ultimate haven for unwinding, de-stressing and tapping out from the world. Time stops and you feel your shoulders melt to the floor with calm and relax, literally the minute you arrive. It has soothed my soul in some desperate times of need. It has brought much happiness to our lives and many special memories have been created here. So the opportunity to now share this with Poppy feels particularly magical and exciting. Watching her spot kangaroos and kookaburras, sit by the log fire and meander free through the bush last week was something special.

A trip to Yallingup is never complete without a splurge in my favourite store Milc , dinner at Piari and Co , chai lattes at Yallingup Coffee House and multiple trips to Yallingup beach (the lagoon is a spectacular swimming spot in summer), Meelup and Injidup. Long walks along the Old Dunsborough foreshore and off-road to Castle Rock. For particularly decadent times, we indulge in a massage at Injidup Spa Retreat. Breakfast in the bush at Goanna gallery cafe or in town at Mealup is always on the agenda too. In fact, the list of incredible places to go (wineries etc) and things to do seems never ending, ironically so for such a small town.

It’s a place to catch up on life, enjoy quality moments with family and friends and dance barefoot along the stunning ocean and I cannot recommend it more highly. In winter, it’s enjoyed beside a log fire, with a red wine in hand. In a word, bliss. Incidentally, if you’d ever like to enjoy a trip there, let me know – my husband’s parents rent out the home (otherwise referred to as ‘Rancho Relaxo’), for a very modest price.

  • nicole cartledge

    what a beautiful blog rach!!we always love your visits….nicxx

    • rachelmounsey@hotmail.com

      Nic thank you. You and the beautiful Milc are part of what makes my trips down south so very special. It’s been 15 years of wonderful! I look forward to the next visit xx