Perth, Western Australia


Bus StopBT BT Breakfast 2Sculpture by the SeaShorehouse Shorehouse

Beach hugKite Runner

LidoCottesloe SunsetP TownKings Park

long chim


My home town. Vegemite. Broome mangoes. Salt, sand and sea air. Long beach walks. Iced coffees (they haven’t cottoned onto this yet in Scotland – given the weather it’s probably not a particularly attractive proposition). Face time (not of the iPhone variety) with Moo, dear friends and family. Sublime Chinese massages at our local Neehow Massage. Refreshing, soothing and inspirational yoga classes with Tamara at Tamara YogaBoatshed Tiramisu in abundance (although not as much as when I was pregnant – Phil actually told me he found my consumption repulsive during that time – aka up to 2 tubs a night!). A wee clothing fix from some of my fave Australian fashion stores ACO, Zimmermann and Spell Designs. Golly, there’s so much I love about Perth.

These were the things my heart began to ache for while living and travelling overseas last year, much as I loved our time away. Like the extreme transition we had from Perth to Scotland, we left Scotland right before a snow storm and arrived to a round of 40 degree days. Dealing with the heat was much easier for me though – you can’t take the tropics out of a Broome gal!

There is something about Perth that grounds me. Makes me think about the bigger picture and feel motivated to achieve my dreams. It’s a tranquil, friendly city with a big country town feel to it. It houses the best and most pristine beaches I’ve seen in a city (and I’ve seen many, being the avid beachgoer that I am). Fremantle oozes a charm like no other (a place I chose to study my law degree in, for that reason). Dinner at the divine little Habitue and Bib and Tucker, both in North Fremantle, deliver some welcome wholesome, fresh, delicious summer meals. Poppy developed a fairly immediate obsession with the local Il Lido blueberry pancakes (photographic evidence above!). While it’s always nice to come home to Perth’s tried and trusted, it’s equally as appealing to explore some of the exciting new spots, such as David Thompson’s Thai restaurant Long Chim in the newly restored State Buildings. Yum!

Frustratingly, this time around I fell ill, so I spent a chunk of summer laying low and recuperating. I guess the only upside to times like these is that they force you to stop, listen and re-evalutate what’s important. So there’s a whole lot of learning that comes from our bodies shutting down the show for a bit. But it’s nice to finally be back on deck the good ship! Here’s to getting on with chasing those dreams (oh and sipping on damn fine Shorehouse Margaritas with black sea salt rims in the process!) 🙂

  • Joan & George

    Some great photos Rachel, and fantastic that you are in such a good place again. We both concur with your comments on Fremantle, we love it and always spend time there on our visits to WA. We don’t often go into the city, but the beaches are the best in our world! Love & hugs & xxx for the gorgeous Poppy!


    Thanks so much Joan and George! Perth city is in fact really expanding with lots of new restaurants, bars etc, it’s quite exciting and has been amazing to come home to! Still love Freo too though. Hope to have you over here for a visit one day soon xxx