A bit about my style…

I love clothes. It’s as simple as that. Putting outfits together makes me feel happy – I use it as a means of expression. Always have. From before I can remember, my mum tells me I was boisterous and a serial pest about wanting to wear particular outfits. I’ve dealt with my fair share of difficult times, sadness and grief in life, having lost my father to cancer in my early 20s and looked after my mum, a chronic pain patient, by way of living with her since my dad passed away (for the past 15 years). My dad always said to me, find something in life that makes you wake up happy every day and you’ll never work a day in your life. If clothes make me happy, who am I to question chasing this happiness with vigour!

Of singular importance is how clothes make me feel, as opposed to how they look. I have never liked tight things around my waist, or in fact tight fitting clothes generally. Therefore, trousers and jeans, cool as they are and much as I love them on others, don’t feature heavily in my wardrobe. Frocks are my all time favourite and if I can get away with wearing just one piece (i.e. a frock with sleeves) I’ll happily do so! I have always disliked my arms and my freckles, so I’ll always choose pieces that satisfy those internal hang ups.

Funnily enough, in my view, fashion is quite important in my area of work. I work in an office and corporate environment. First and foremost, I do long hours at a desk and so I dress for comfort (in so far as office wear can be comfortable!).  A simple dress with a wool vest or sweater over the top, can transform it from a summer, casual day wear only peice, to an office piece. I love the fact that most of my wardrobe can therefore be worn casually, or into the office. A beautiful, smart jacket or coat can transform any dress/skirt/shirt such that it can be worn to work. Therefore, when I shop, it’s rarely for ‘office wear’. It’s for the love of the piece and what I can do with it in so far as wearing it with as much as possible in my wardrobe.

I’m an online shopping fanatic and expert. In fact, I can’t recall the last time I purchased something in store (that I hadn’t initially found online, at any rate). I love a variety of labels, from high end (Carven, Gucci, Isabel Marant, Acne, Orla Kiely, to name a few), to high street (e.g., The Reformation, Topshop, Zara and H&M) to homegrown Australian designers (Zimmermann, Spell and the Gypsy Collective and Scanlan and Theodore). This year, I’ve had less money to spend on clothing (not working and being on maternity leave will do that to you!) and so two things have happened. First, it’s freed up more time to work on this website and use it as my creative outlet instead of online shopping! Second, the Topshop van wheels have frequented our Scotland residences so much our neighbours think it’s a tad strange.

Many of my friends and work colleagues have asked me for office and travel wear tips, so I thought I’d simply share my outfit inspirations with you and leave it at that. I should say that I don’t follow trends and, as I say, I’m by no stretch a guru. However, you might simply enjoy some new ideas and if you ever need any help with online shopping suggestions – try me!